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Cleaning & Disinfecting

Maintaining a clean, tidy, and safe campus

We have learned that good respiratory hygiene is the best way to combat Covid-19 infection. Most surfaces and objects will just need normal routine cleaning with soap and water, and then will be disinfected with an EPA approved List N disinfectant.

High touch areas/items will be sanitized several times throughout the school day. These include:

  • tables and desks
  • counters
  • light switches
  • doorknobs
  • phones
  • keyboards, mice, and electronic devices
  • faucets and sinks
  • restroom toilets and locks
  • banisters and railings
  • gym equipment

We will also be using the EMist EPIX360 Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer to ensure quick, effective disinfection of surfaces throughout the school day as our students rotate between their classroom, playing outside, and using the restrooms, etc. 

Each of our classrooms and common areas has a blue sanitization cart available stocked with extra masks, Kleenex, hand soap and sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and paper towels to be used as the classroom teacher needs during the day. 

Cleaning & Disinfecting Expectations

  • clean surfaces with soap and water
  • apply an EPA approved List N disinfectant with proper dwell time according to product directions
  • use proper PPE when cleaning/disinfecting
  • utilize good ventilation and open windows
  • dusting and vacuuming when students are not present
  • daily restroom care during and after school

Teach and Maintain Good Hand Hygiene

  • teach and monitor effective hand washing with soap and warm water
  • hand sanitizer will be available in common areas and classrooms
  • using non contact methods of greeting and encouragement
  • monitor use of individual supply boxes instead of communal use

Teach and Maintain Good Respiratory Hygiene

  • teach and model the use of effective mask wearing
  • teach and monitor covering a cough or sneeze with a tissue or by using an elbow
  • disposing of used tissues immediately after use and then washing
  • use of gentle reminders to avoid using their hands near their face as much as possible
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