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Dress Code

Dressing for Learning — Coordinated Dress Code Policy  (School Handbook)

It is our privilege to honor our Creator, especially in our dress. While our main focus is the development of beautiful Christian characters, we also believe that the external attire is a key component of character development. We know there is a relationship between the way students dress and the way they behave. If they are dressed for learning, they will have an easier time focusing on learning than if they are dressed for free time.

For this reason we encourage students to dress appropriately for school by following our coordinated dress policy with modesty, neatness, cleanliness, simplicity, and a natural look.
***We ask that jewelry be left at home,
***Permanent and/or temporary tattoos not be displayed, and 
***Make-up, hair color, and nail polish should appear natural.

If a student arrives out of compliance with the dress policy the parent will be contacted to bring required apparel. Students cannot attend class until they are in compliance.


Navy, khaki pants or solid dark blue jeans with no "distressed or faded" areas. All pants must be free of holes, extra pockets, etc. Embellishments, embroidery, bleached or worn areas are not acceptable. Must not be tight fitting or carpenter/cargo style.

Polo Shirts

Solid colored polo style shirts. No logo is required; however, school logo may be worn if desired. Shirts must be free from all insignias or brand names. Students may wear a solid blue, white or gray long sleeve t-shirt under their polo if desired. website: school id: 900151697


Knee length solid navy uniform-style skirts or polo dresses. They must have navy, white or gray leggings/tights/shorts underneath.


Students may choose to order a navy blue fleece jacket with the school’s logo, or bring a lightweight jacket to wear inside the building. website: school id: 900151697

School T-shirts

The school t-shirt is to be worn on Fridays and for all off campus trips. Either a green or blue school shirt can be ordered through the office.


Non-marking gym shoes are required for the gym. They are to be put on when entering the school in the morning and worn while indoors. These are to remain at school and not be worn outdoors. They cannot have embellishments such as characters, skulls, bones, etc.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the office.

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